Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 1

Archbishop of Canterbury listens from Christians about their life in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Christian residents of Gaza Strip have spoken about their life to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby during his surprising visit to the coastal enclave.

During his visit to the Gaza Strip, Archbishop of Canterbury sit with the leaders of the Christian community in Gaza and listened to their life experience under the rule of the Islamic Palestinian movement Hamas.

Philip Tarazi, one of the Gaza Christian who were selected to meet with the Archbishop Justin Welby, described the life in Gaza as “smooth.”

However, he complained from the 11-year-old tight Israeli siege, which pushed hundreds of Christians to escape the “beautiful” city.

Under the 11-year-old Israeli siege on Gaza, the Israeli occupation carried out three major offensives on Gaza that claimed the lives of more than 4,000 Gaza residents, including Christians.

During the Israeli offensives, the Christians opened their churches and other facilities for their Muslim fellows to stay at after their houses had been destroyed. They also opened their private clinics to treat the wounded Muslims.

Justin also visited Gaza War Cemetery, where British and imperial troops who were killed in Gaza in 1917 are buried. He laid a wreath at the cemetery, where 3,691 British troops from are laying.

Israeli and pro-Israeli media has several times faked news reports to reflect that Gaza Christians are persecuted under Hamas rule in order to cover up its crimes, the siege, which pushed for reducing the Christian community in Gaza from 3,000 to about 1,300.

Speaking with Christians leaders and normal members of the Christian community in Gaza, they condemned the Israeli propaganda machine, accusing it of using them to justify its crimes against humanity.