Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

After Israeli drills, leftover bomb killed 2 Palestinians boys

Days of Palestine -

Two Palestinian boys were killed on Tuesday evening when Israeli leftover bomb exploded after Israeli army drills in Al-Naqab neighbourhood of Zarnouqa.

Local residents of Zarnouqa, one of the unrecognised Bedouin villages in Al-Naqab, said that the explosion happened after an Israeli military drill in the area.

The children were identified as 8-year-old Omar Ismail Abu-Qweidar and his 10-year-old cousin Mohamed Mahmoud Abu-Qweidar.

According to the local residents, both of the two children were torn to pieces and declared dead at the scene of the explosion.

Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri confirmed the incident in a written statement, saying that the two boys were playing with the ordnance when it exploded.

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and occupied Palestine (Israel) suffer too much due to the Israeli military trainings near and inside their residencies.

Sometimes, whole villages are displaced for weeks or months during Israeli trainings or military drills. In some case, the Israeli authorities demanded Palestinians to leave their homes permanently due to the repeated military trainings and drills near to their homes.