Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Palestinian worker stabbed in Tel-Aviv

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian worker, 41, was stabbed on Monday at night in the Tel-Aviv after reports of clashes with group of Israelis, Arab sources inside Israel said.

The Palestinian worker was identified as Isam Masarweh, 41, from Al-Tira. He holds an Israeli citizenship.

He was stabbed during clashed between his and his brother from one side and a group of Israelis from another side.

Israeli ambulances did not evacuate the victim, who was evacuated and admitted to the hospital by his brother.

Medical sources said that he arrived in the Israeli hospital with very difficult conditions, noting that few minutes later he passed away.

The Israeli police confirmed the stabbing and the death of the Palestinian worker and said it would open an investigation into the incident.

Usually, such hate crimes take places in Israel and no serious investigations are opened because the victims are always Palestinians or as the Israeli occupation call them Israeli Arabs.