Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Israeli soldier shot elderly Palestinian in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

An Israeli occupation soldier shot, wounded on Tuesday an elderly Palestinian man at illegal military checkpoint south of West Bank city of Nablus.

Eyewitnesses said that the elderly wanted to cross the illegal military checkpoint of Huwwara when the Israeli occupation soldier opened fire at him.

Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) evacuated the Palestinian old man from the area where he was shot to the Palestinian hospital of Rafidia in Nablus.

The PRC paramedics said that the man was shot in the foot and pelvis, describing his condition as moderate, but stable.

Sources at the hospital identified the man as Hussein Qawariq, 72 years old.

A spokesperson of the Israeli occupation army claimed that the man posed danger on the Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.

Therefore, the spokesperson alleged, they called for him to stop and when he did not respond to their orders, they opened fire at him.

Several rights groups and officials, including Israelis, accused the Israeli occupation forces of shooting the Palestinian citizens at the different Israeli checkpoints across the occupied West Bank without posing any danger.

Most of the shootings, where the Israeli occupation claimed the Palestinians attempted to attack Israeli soldiers, proved they were motivated by racist reasons.