Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 8

Israeli soldiers recognise committing field executions

Days of Palestine -

Israeli soldiers have recognised they committed field executions against Palestinian citizens in occupied West Bank, Jerusalem.

The Israeli TV Channel 2 reported remarks by senior Israeli prosecutors saying that Israeli soldiers have recently acknowledged they internationally carried out field executions against unarmed Palestinians.

According to the report, the Israeli officials said that soldiers opened fire at Palestinians, killing them on the grounds that they were would-be assailants targeting Israeli soldiers or settlers.

Palestinian Authority statement said that this refute the Israeli narrative about the claimed reports of stabbing attempts.

“Such facts prove the involvement of the Israeli soldiers and their leadership in these crimes and in the covering up of these criminals through hiding the evidence or manipulating the scenes and the tools of the crimes,” the statement said.

The report of the Israeli TV cited three examples about the execution of Palestinian citizens where the crime scenes and objects were altered to reflect a sense that the Palestinians had genuinely attempted to stab Israelis before being killed.

In the statement, the PA blamed the Israeli government for these field executions, noting that there is a “full systematic occupational organisation which targets the Palestinians, covers up the killers, helps them escape and avoid legal liability.”