Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli racism, Israeli café chain bans Arabic language

Days of Palestine -

An Israeli café chain has prevented its Arab workers and visitors from speaking their mother language inside one of its branches.
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The ban was issued by a shift manager at Café Café, claiming that speaking Arabic is “threatening” to the customers.

According to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the shift manager at Café Café claimed that the ban was instituted “after two Arab employees, a man and woman, were speaking Arabic in front of a customer, who thought the two were laughing at her and took offense.”

Sawan Zaher, an attorney at Adalah, an Israeli legal rights centre, has written to the café, stating that a “ban on using a mother tongue that is the language of the Arab population, a national minority group in Israel” is “patently illegal.”

Zaher informed Café Café that telling employees “that anyone who does not want to accept your decision should resign” means its workers are being employed under conditions of a threat to end their employment,” illegal and insulting conditions.

Adalah said it has had no response to its letter.