Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli soldiers savagely beat Palestinian in WB

Days of Palestine -

A number of Palestinian photographers caught on Tuesday five Israeli soldiers savagely beating Palestinian civilian in West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

One of the photographs taken at the scene showed that the Israeli infantry soldiers from Nahal Brigade surrounding the Palestinian civilian as one of them hit him with his boat in his genitals.

Another photo showed a soldier pinning the Palestinian civilian to the ground with his knee and pressuring his head strongly into the ground.

The third photograph showed another Israeli soldier holding the Palestinian civilian, who appeared barefooted, by the throat.

Commenting in the savageness and cruelty of the Israeli soldiers appeared in the photographs, the Israeli military said the incident will be investigated.

It is worth mentioning that this is the least cruel reaction of the Israeli soldiers dealing with Palestinian civilians refusing to be arrested.

Just yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces shot and moderately wounded a 13-year-old Palestinian girl, while she was going to school, at a checkpoint near the illegal West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashe after refusing to stop in order to be arrested.