Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Israeli police murders Palestinian in Tel-Aviv

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Al-Ramla -Israeli occupation police murdered on Wednesday night an Arab-Israeli citizen (Palestinian) in Tel-Aviv, claiming he aimed his pistol at them.

According to a statement issued by the Israeli occupation police, the were four people walking in Tel-Aviv at night and when they noticed the police, one of four people raised his pistol towards them.

“To escape fatal threat, the police opened fire at the four people, killed one and the three others escaped,” the statement said.

In the wake of the killing, the Israeli occupation police launched a manhunt, tracing the three people who fled the scene.

Credible sources said that the man, who was murdered, was from Al-Jawarish Neighbourhood in Al-Ramla, where many Palestinians did not escape their homes when the Jewish gangs committed massacres against them in 1948 ahead of announcing the Jewish state.
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Our sources expected that the Israeli occupation knew that the man was an Arab and they opened fire planning to kill him.

They said that the Israeli occupation has killed 50 Israeli-Arabs the same way since 2,000.