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Sunday, January 29

New Israeli education system turns students to ISIS

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -New Israeli Jewish school programme, introduced by fanatic Israeli Jewish Education Minister Naftali Bennet, turning Israeli students to ISIS.

Israeli Harel, a prominent contributor to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, has criticised the new education programme dubbed as “New school program will bring young children to Judaism.”

Throughout this programme, Israeli students will study religious scripts and incentives will be offered to encourage schools to go more deeply into Jewish and Israeli holidays, Jewish history and figures from Jewish and Zionist history.

Commenting on this religious-based education programme, Harel asked:” Why should a Jewish child in the Jewish state be exposed (and right from the beginning of grade school!) to the Jewish sages and be ‘encouraged to feel at home with Jewish culture?’

“What good could come of studying the Jewish calendar, the traditions of various Jewish cultures and Jewish peoplehood? What is Education Minister Naftali Bennett cooking up when he claims that the programme is ‘pluralistic?’

“Israel, as a reader noted in the comments section of the Hebrew website, does not have an education ministry. It has two ministries of religious affairs. A different commenter also hit the target: Jewish ISIS is on the way.”

Harel continued: “There is no doubt that behind the pluralistic sweet talk lurks a plot to brainwash these young, defenceless children with Jewish and Zionist indoctrination. They will also be taken on field trips, with no consideration for what it might do to their tender souls, to Zionist heritage and memorial sites.”

To express their refusal, Harel called for the Israelis, whom he described “are fed up with the rampant clericalism that jeopardises their free identity” to rally, precisely on Passover, which is also known as the Festival of Freedom, and to defend themselves against those who would stuff their young offspring full of an obsolete identity.

He concluded: “After all, the scheme has just one purpose: to raise Habayit Hayehudi voters and hasten the day that Israel resembles the Islamic State.”