Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Israeli occupation killed 57 Palestinians in 3 months

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank -Israeli occupation forces killed 57 Palestinian citizens and wounded 1,412 other during the first three months of 2016, UN reported said on Friday.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said that this week was the first in six weeks which did not include Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

It said that 52 out of the 57 killed by the Israeli occupation were murdered in the Gaza Strip, while the other were murdered in the occupied West Bank.

Of the 1,412 wounded, the UNOCHA said, 111 were wounded in the Gaza Strip and the others were wounded across 1412the different occupied West Bank cities and villages.

During the last three months of 2015, the UNOCHA said, the Israeli occupation killed 152 Palestinian citizens, including 25 in Gaza. They wounded 14,925 Palestinian citizens, including 1,372 in the Gaza Strip during the same period.

Meanwhile, the UNOCHA recorded 30 violent attacks carried out by the extremist Israeli Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Jewish settlers carry out their attacks under the protection of the official Israeli occupation forces. Such attacks included burning houses and crops.