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‘Israel’ threatens to kill prisoner’s wife, children

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Israeli occupation has threatened Palestinian prisoner to kill his wife and children, wife told Days of Palestine on Thursday.

Victoria abu-Sisi, 34, the wife of the Palestinian prisoner Dirar abu-Sisi, 42, from Gaza, said that the Israeli occupation had threatened to kill her and his children.

“The Israeli occupation attempted to carry out its threat when it targeted our house during the massive Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014,” the Victoria, originally Ukrainian citizen, said.

She also said: “My husband, who was kidnapped from Ukraine and transferred by Israeli intelligence to Israeli in a coffin three and half a year ago, has been in solitary confinement.”

In addition, she said that he has been suffering from different diseases due to the dire conditions inside the Israeli prisons.

Abu-Sisi is spending a 21-year prison sentence over claims he developed Palestinian homemade rockets.
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“He was kidnapped and accused of making rockets because of his creative solutions to the electricity problems in Gaza,” Victoria said.

The Israeli occupation has been preventing Abu-Sisi’s wife, children and all relatives from visiting him inside his isolated cell.