Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Old lady did not pose danger on Israeli killers (Video)

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –The 72-year-old Palestinian lady, who was killed on Friday, did not pose danger on Israeli killers.

A very short video was leaked to the Israeli media showing the Tharwat Shaarawi, 72, from the West Bank city of Al-Khalil driving very slowly.

Opposite to what the Israeli media had reported, the old lady did not come against the Israeli troops.

While she was driving, and without a pre-warning, several Israeli occupation troops opened fire directly at her car.

She was shot and killed and whole for about 50 live bullets are very clear around her car.

The lady lost her husband in 1988, when the Israeli occupation troops killed him and he was the first Palestinian to be killed in the 1987 Intifada from Al-Khalil.