Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 1

Occupation kidnaps Palestinian family in Jenin

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation kidnapped on Tuesday night Palestinian family, including father, son, brother and grandmother in Jenin.

Tens of armoured Israeli military vehicles invaded Jenin Refugee Camp in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, ran over a child and fired dozens of gas bombs causing scores of injuries before kidnapping former prisoner Sohaib abul-Haija, his father, his uncle and his grandmother.

Witnesses in Jenin said that the Israeli soldiers surrounded the house, used loudspeakers ordering the family to leave the building and demanded Majdi, the father, to “surrender” to the troops.

During their way to Abul-Haijaa’s house, the Israeli vehicles ran over a Palestinian child, who was later on identified as Islam Dhababa, 15.

Clashes with Palestinian youths erupted during the invasion.
Clashes with Palestinian youths erupted during the invasion.

Paramedics, Civil Defence and Red Crescent said the Israeli soldiers prevented them from even approaching Abul-Haija family house and pushed more soldiers into the area, leading to extensive clashes with dozens of local youths.

The Israeli troops also used military helicopters during the invasion, while sounds of explosions were clearly heard in the entire area.

Eyewitnesses said that at least forty armoured Israeli military vehicles and an armoured bulldozer took part in the invasion.

The Israeli invasion to the refugee camp continued on Tuesday at dawn. The Israeli forces fired missiles at two Palestinian homes, before demolishing a store and several walls.