Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Occupation wounds 17 protesters in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation wounded on Friday 17 Palestinians while commemorating 67th anniversary of Nakba.

According to Days of Palestine reporter, seven of the Palestinians wounded by the Israeli occupation forces were hit by live ammunition, while the others were hit by steel rubber-coated bullets.

The incidents took place near the Israeli Ofer Prison, where exactly the Israeli occupation forces murdered a year ago the two Palestinian boys Nadeem Nuwwara and Mohamed abu-Taher, the two martyrs of Nakba 2014.

As Palestinians across historic Palestine marked the 67th anniversary of Zionist takeover of their land, Israeli occupation forces and border police attacked the several hundred-strong crowd near Ofer with live ammunition, steel rubber-coated bullets and tear gas.

Local youth responded with stones; clashes lasted until after sunset. CNN and local CCTV cameras happened to catch the moment the Israeli occupation forces fatally shot the boys last year.

They were walking away from the protest and posed no danger to the Israeli army. Independent investigations later proved that the two were murdered in cold blood, as Israeli army was in no immediate danger to start firing live ammunition.

No-one has been punished for Nadeem and Mohamed’s murders. Nadeem was a US citizen. Their families are still seeking justice.