Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 1

Israeli bulldozers destroys Arab house in ‘Israel’

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Al-Lid –Israeli occupation authorities have demolished five Palestinian Arab homes in the outskirts of occupied city of Al-Lid.

Zionist Jewish gangs, supported by the West and the US occupied Al-Lid (Lyd) along with hundreds of Palestinian cities and villages in 1948 and established their so-called state of ‘Israe’.

Israeli bulldozers demolished five houses in the “unrecognised” Palestinian village Dahmash, near in the outskirts of Al-Lid.

The demolition took place despite both a High Court decision that called for a mutual agreement and a demand by Al-Lid District Court that the authorities have to delay demolition. The residents of the homes were previously forced out of them.

The demolition began at 4 am and was accompanied by a large police force, which prevented residents from leaving their homes in the nearby areas.

When the demolition was over, Joint List members Ayman Odeh, Bassel Ghattas and Dov Khenin, as well as head of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah, arrived in the village in a show of solidarity with the residents.

Dahmash has been around since 1948, and its residents even have proof of ownership in the Israeli Land Registry.

However, the Israeli authorities do not recognise their claim to the land, and do not provide the village with the necessary infrastructure or even the most basic services, such as sewage, roads, electricity, garbage collection or a post office.

Over the past few years, the residents have been struggling against repeated home demolitions by coming up with their own master plan in order to gain recognition for their rights to live on their land.