Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

‘Israel’ destroys Arab house of 18 members in Al-Naqab

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Al-Naqab –Israeli occupation forces destroyed on Tuesday morning an Arab house, for 18 members, in Al-Sayyid Village of Al-Naqab.

Witnesses told Days of Palestine that the house consisted of two stores and 18-member family used to live in it.

The witnesses said that a massive number of the Israeli police stormed the village accompanied with a massive bulldozer. They gave the 18-member family just 10 minutes to evacuate the house.

Salim al-Araqeeb, an activist from a nearby village, which was demolished by the Israeli occupation for more than 75 times, said that none of the family members could even take a single piece of clothes.

He said that the family included eight children and all of them are now staying in the open air.

The house is owned by the Palestinian with an Israeli ID Abdul-Raziq al-Sayyid.