Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

After night clashes, occupation arrests 17 in WB

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces stormed on Tuesday at dawn several Palestinian areas in West Bank and arrested 17 Palestinians.

Local Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation forces detonated the doors of the Palestinian houses they stormed tonight. This pushed Palestinians to take to the streets protesting against this aggression.

Witnesses said that the Israeli occupation fired tear gas to disperse the Palestinians, but Palestinian medical sources said no casualties were reported. They said some suffered suffocation difficulties, but only needed first aid.

Despite the Palestinian protest against the policy of detonating doors, the Israeli occupation continued their arrest campaign and arrested 17 Palestinian citizens.

Families of the prisoners reported severe damage in the property of their houses caused by the Israeli occupation forces when they arrested their sons.

Arresting Palestinian citizens is a daily Israeli activity in the occupied West Bank. It was never condemned by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which controls the West Bank.

PA has warned to stop security cooperation, which is always the basis of such arrests, when the Israeli occupation froze its tax revenues. But this was never done and is unlikely to take place anytime in the future as the PA President Mahmoud Abbas call it a ‘holy mission.’