Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli authorities to demolish Arab kindergarten

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Al-Naqab –Israeli occupation authorities served on Thursday demolition order for Arab kindergarten in Al-Naqab, south of occupied Palestine (Israel).

Employees from the Israeli Land Authority glued the demolition orders on the door of the Arab kindergarten in the Kassifah Neighbourhood in Al-Naqab (Negev).

The kindergarten is still under construction. Head of Kassifah Neighbourhood Council Salim abu-Rabia said that all needed documents for the construction were processed legally.
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“We have the all the licenses from all related sides,” he said. “Why do they want it to be demolished now?” he wondered. “I do not know,” he replied.

Abu-Rabia expressed his deep concerns over the “aggressive” Israeli treatment with the Arabs holding Israeli IDs and living in the occupied Palestine (Israel).

Israeli occupation always destroys property of the Arabs and demolishes their houses, which have been existed too long back before the Israeli occupation of Palestine.