Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israeli arrest campaign against Pals in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces carried out wide arrest campaign against Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank.

Head of the Committee of the Prisoners’ Families Amjad abu-Asab said: “The Israeli occupation forces stormed Jerusalem’s Old City and arrested five ex-prisoners from Al-Thawri Neighbourhood.”

Abu-Asab added: “The Israeli occupation forces also arrested ex-prisoner Jihad Taha, 38, from Silwan Neighbourhood, minors Abed Issa, 16, and Omar abu-Asab, 15, from Shu’fat Refugee Camp. They arrested Mohamed Mona, 20, from the Old City.”

He noted that the Israeli occupation forces raided the houses of the prisoners, inspected them thoroughly and caused much damage in the furniture.

The prisoners, he said, were turned to Al-Masqoubiyyeh Investigation Centre in Jerusalem and they are to appear in the magistrate court later on.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Qudsona Association Ramzi Ktilat said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohamed al-Zoabi and Ahmed al-Hosseini, both 17, and assaulted them with their batons while inside the police station. Both are Palestinians living in lands occupied in 1948 (Israel).

The lawyer said that the Israeli central magistrate court had extended the remand and administrative detention of more than 15 Palestinians on Sunday.

It also decided that eight of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 would not enter the city of Jerusalem for six months.