Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Christian leader speaks about Hamas

Days of Palestine -

By: Motasem A DAlloul

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Monseigneur Manuel Musallam speaks about Hamas in the last day of its social media campaign #AskHamas which ended on Monday.

Musallam was the Priest of the Latin Catholic Church in the Gaza Strip and he was and is still known for his anger over the indiscriminate Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

While the international mainstream media, i.e. the Guardian have been trying to defame the Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas claiming it is hating Christians in Gaza, Musallam stood firm against all such bias media coverage.

Speaking to Days of Palestine, Musallam said that Hamas is the best Palestinian movement dealing with the Christians. He praised Hamas and said that Gaza deserves this pure movement.

“Hamas chief in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh is the first one to congratulate me on all our occasions,” Musallam said.

In this video, which was firstly broadcast by Hamas, Musallam said that Hamas fighters are brave as they defend Gaza against its attackers. Gaza deserves these fighters, he said.