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Monday, February 6

Israeli occupation evicts family in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli forces ordered on Monday morning Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Old City to evacuate home ahead of destroying it.

Refat Sub-Laban said that Israeli occupation forces surrounded their house in the Old City of Jerusalem in the early morning and ordered the whole family to immediately leave the house.

The family refused, and Israeli forces brought heavy equipment, which are waiting in front of the door to kick off the house destruction.

In an effort to cancel the destruction, the family lawyer managed asked the occupation forces to wait until he obtains a court order in favour of the family.

Sub-Laban family rented the house in 1956 from the Jordanian government and since that time have been paying rent as “protected tenants,” Refat said.

Following the Israeli occupation in 1967, rental contracts with the Jordanian government were taken over by the Israeli occupation authorities, specifically the Custodian of Absentee Property.

Settler group Ateret Cohanim filed a petition in 2010 claiming that the Sub-Laban house was empty. The family have repeatedly filed appeals against the decision, and a local Israeli court is expected to rule in May.

Ateret Cohanim actively works to settle as many Jews as possible in densely populated Palestinian areas in and around the Old City.

East Jerusalem was militarily usurped by the Israeli occupation forces in 1967, and all Israeli settlement activities there are considered illegally by the international law.

Around 200,000 Jewish settlers currently live in Jewish-only settlements that have been built between and around Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem, part of the 550,000 Jewish settlers whose settlements located in the occupied Palestinian territories.