Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 2

Four Palestinians killed in Syria

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, London –Four Palestinian refugees, including little child were killed on Wednesday morning by Syrian regime forces in refugee camps in Syria.

Task Group for Palestinian in Syria named the four refugees as Tariq Ali, Obada al-Dahoudi, Wjeeh al-Khatib and the little lady girl Israa Soror.

According to the Task Group, Ali from Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp was targeted directly in the head after he had refused to open his door for the regime snipers, who wanted to take the floor of his house a positon.

Obada al-Dahoudi from Al-Nirab Refugee camp in Aleppo was killed during armed clashes between the regime forces and the Syrian rebels.

Al-Khatib, from Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp, was liquidated in a hospital outside the camp as he had headed to the hospital for treatment.

The little child was killed, the Task Group said, while she was returning home from the UNRWA school in Al-Hosayniyeh Refugee Camp.

Almost since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the Palestinian refugees have been suffering so much and hundreds of casualties happened among them; however, they distanced themselves from the whole issue.