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Sunday, February 5

Occupation arrests 3 kids in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli occupation forces arrested on Tuesday morning three Palestinian children in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Sources told Days of Palestine that the Israeli occupation forces stormed Wadi Al-Juz neighbourhood in the Old City of Jerusalem, raided Palestinian houses and arrested three children.

A Palestinian lawyer from Al-Dameer, Palestinian NGO, named the three children as Abdul-Nasser abu-Sneeneh, 12, Mustafa abu-Sneeneh, 12, and Omar Ghoneem, 12.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Central Court sentenced the Palestinian minor from Jerusalem Mohamed Zaidan, 17, to 16 months in prison and $500 fine, in addition to eight months suspended imprisonment for three years with additional $500 suspended fine.

The Palestinian lawyer also said that the Israeli Magistrate court in Jerusalem extended the remand distention of the two Palestinian children Ibrahim Gheith, 14, and Mohamed Bseeleh, 16.

At the same time, the lawyer of Ahrar Centre for Prisoners’ Studies said that the Israeli Salem Military Court sentenced the Palestinian youth Farouq Hamayel, 20, from the West bank city of Nablus to 23 months and $500 fine.

The family of the prisoner said that he has been since October 31, 2013, when he was a student in the general secondary school. The Israeli occupation said he was arrested for throwing stones at the Israeli forces.