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Saturday, January 28

Two Pal kids burnt to death in Gaza 

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Two Palestinian children burnt to death on Saturday night when their western Gaza City house caught fire.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra said Amro al-Halabi, 5, and his cousin Khalid al-Halabi, 4, died when a major fire erupted in their house.

He added that Mohamed al-Halabi, 22, the father of one of the children suffered major wounds in the same blaze.

The house was burnt by a candle, which was used to illuminate the house because of the electricity outage in the area, a firefighter told Days of Palestine.

The Gaza Strip has been suffering from electricity crisis for about eight years as the Israeli occupation air forces attacked the only functioning electricity plant in mid-2006.

In January 2013, six members of the same family burnt to death when their Gaza City house caught fire as well.

Gaza residents suffered several burning cases for houses and other facilities that caused the death of tens of civilians since 2006.

Human rights activist based in Gaza Ali Hassan said that the Israeli occupation has been refusing to allow spare parts of technical teams to enter into the Strip to carry out maintained works for the sole electricity plant.

In wake of the latest 51-day Israeli war, the Israeli occupation refused a Turkish offer to supply the Strip with all the needed electricity.