Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Occupation obliges Palestinian to demolish his house

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli municipality of Jerusalem obliged on Friday Palestinian to demolish his house in Sour Baher of occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli media reported the Israeli municipality claiming the house was built without getting the needed official building licenses.

The house was owned by the citizen Ismail al-Masri, who said the Israeli occupation municipality handed him the demolition order about one week ago.

According to Al-Masri, the house consisted of two stores, each was 100 metre square. It was built five years ago.

Al-Masri said that the municipality prevented renovation of the building under the pretext that the house was illegally built. Later on, the municipality decided to completely remove the whole house.

The Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem denies the right of the Palestinian citizens to build new homes and expand or renovate them.

When the Palestinians are obliged to build or renew their homes without the needed licenses, the Israeli occupation demolish them under the pretext of lacking the needed licences.

In such situation, the Israeli occupation obliges the Palestinian citizens to demolish their houses; otherwise, they use the municipality equipment to demolish them and they pay the costs for the equipment.