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Saturday, June 3

Israeli soldier stabbed on criminal background

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Tel-Aviv/West Bank –An Israeli soldier was stabbed on Monday afternoon in Tel-Aviv by Palestinian teen, believed on criminal background.

Israeli paramedics said that they were called to evacuate a soldier who was stabbed by a “terrorist” near on the road near the Haganah train station in Tel-Aviv.

A young man found lying unconscious on the ground and there was great panic at the scene.

Israeli news website Ynetnews reported an Israeli paramedic staff saying: “We treated the victim and he was then evacuated in critical condition while undergoing resuscitation to Tel HaShomer hospital.”

According to the Israeli police, the suspect is a Palestinian teen named as Nouriddin Hashyeh, 18, from the occupied West Bank city of Nablus. He was staying in ‘Israel’ illegally.

However, the Israeli police authorities described the stabbing as a self-motivated “terrorist” attack acted by the stabber alone, Palestinian close to the family stressed it was carried out on criminal backgrounds.

A friend of the stabber’s family spoke on condition of anonymity to Days of Palestine about meeting with him several weeks ago.

“He told me that he worked for a Jewish Israeli boss in Tel-Aviv and because he did not hold a work permit, the Israeli boss did not pay for his work,” Hashiyeh friend said.
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Incidents where Israeli bosses blackmail Palestinian workers have been repeated thousands of times along the decades as Palestinians work for Israeli businessmen. Sometimes, the Palestinians find the way to get their rights, but most times, they do not.

Another 50 year old Israeli soldier was lightly injured in the incident.