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Sunday, February 5

Hamas denies arrest of its members in Egypt

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Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Islamic Palestinian Movement Hamas denied on Tuesday that any of its members was arrested in Egypt.

Egyptian media reported that several of Hamas members were arrested in Egypt. An Egyptian military source was anonymously quoted as saying the arrested Hamas members were involved in the purported killing of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai.

Hamas Spokesman Sami abu-Zuhri said that Egypt has the right to protect its borders, but at the same time, it must not blame Hamas for its troubles.

“These are fabrications and lies issued by some newspapers as part of a smear campaign against the resistance in Gaza and against Hamas,” Abu-Zuhri said.

He also denied reports that there are group members who had gone missing in Egypt.

“Egypt has the right to preserve its security and arrest anyone who violates its sovereignty,” Abu-Zuhri said. “But we reaffirm again that no Hamas members had been arrested or gone missing in Egypt.”