Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Again, dead Palestinians blamed for Sinai attacks

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Palestinian foreign ministry affirmed on Thursday that names of Palestinians blamed by Egyptians for Sinai attacks are fake.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip Iyad al-Bozom said that the Egyptian media published unreal names for Palestinian blaming them for carrying the latest attacks in Sinai.

Posting on his Facebook page, Al-Bozom said that the names included deceased Palestinians, some of them were killed during the latest Israeli war on Gaza that ended in August.

Some of the names, he said, are fake and have not origins in the Palestinian civil record at all. “When you say Abu-Malil al-Ghazzi, this means that you have no real name.
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“All the names that conformed with Palestinian names either for deceased Palestinian or citizens from the West Bank,” Al-Bozom said.

He gave several examples, including Salah al-Batghouti. “Several Palestinians hold this name and all of them are from the occupied West Bank,” he wrote on Facebook. “No one of them has ever entered into the Strip.”

Egyptian coup military has started building a new buffer zone along the Egyptian borders with the Gaza Strip in order to “undermine movement of Palestinian terrorists from Gaza to Sinai.”

However, an Egyptian military source affirmed that the aim of the new buffer zone is to tighten the Israeli-Egyptian siege has been imposed on Gaza for more than eight years.

Previously, Egyptian courts issued a list of names of Palestinians, including several dead or have been inside Israeli jails for years. This proved that Egypt is complicity in the killing of its soldiers and blaming responsibility for the weak neighbour –Gaza Strip.