Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Formula 1 used to reinforce Jerusalem the capital of ‘Israel’

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Jewish Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat announced on Sunday the launch of ‘Formula One Peace Road Show’ in Jerusalem’s streets.

The announced aim of the race is to attract tourists to boost the dilapidating economy of the city, but the real aim is to reinforce that both East and West part of the city of Jerusalem are united and the whole city is the capital of the state of the Israeli occupation.

According to Barkat, last year’s June road show attracted over 250,000 visitors, creating a much-needed injection of capital into the city’s struggling economy.

Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported Barkat as saying: “As tourism rates continue to dip considerably in the shadow of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ and incessant rioting throughout the turbulent summer, I hopes this year’s event will once again draw huge crowds from all sectors.”

The route of the race passes across the West and East parts of the city of Jerusalem –a gesture that shows the two parts of Jerusalem are united as the capital of the Israeli occupation state.

This event is important for the Israeli occupation because it attracts international visitors and TV viewers as the Israeli occupation sends its message to the international audience that the streets, where the race took place are of the capital of the state of ‘Israel.’