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Hypocrisy! IAEA rejects nuclear ‘Israel’ joining NPT

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Days of Palestine, Reports –The IAEA rejected on Thursday an Arabic-backed resolution pressuring Israeli occupation to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

At an annual conference of the UN atomic agency, Arab countries criticising Israeli occupation over its massive nuclear arsenal circulated a draft resolution pressuring the occupation state to join the NPT.

Nations meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s general conference voted 58-45 against the resolution, while 27 abstained.

The resolution expressed concern “about the Israeli nuclear capabilities,” urging the Israeli to join the NPT and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.
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Meanwhile, the conference voted 117-0, with 13 abstentions, in favour of a resolution submitted by Egypt that called on “all states in the region” to join the NPT.

The draft echoed previous such resolutions at annual meetings of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency.

In such hypocrite international institutions, the strong always wins. IAEA rejected putting massive Israeli nuclear stock under international oversight, while countries have never thought of peaceful usage of atomic power were almost unanimously pushed to be put under oversight.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the decision. “The vote is a rejection of a repeated attempt by Arab states to condemn and isolate Israel at the IAEA.” Israeli Foreign Minister called it “victory for Israeli diplomacy.”