Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

‘Israel’ to demolish 60,000 Palestinian homes

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli occupation authorities to demolish 60,000 Palestinian homes, most of them in Al-Muthallath.

A member of the Committee for the Defence of Land and Home Ahmed Melhim said this is not the final number. The real number is far greater than 60,000. He said this is the most dangerous problem facing Palestinians in the occupied Palestine ‘Israel.’

Speaking to Days of Palestine, he said: “More than 75 percent from these houses are located in Al-Muthallath, which has the most Arab population in ‘Israel.’”

He said that the Israeli land authority claims that these houses did not get building permissions or licenses, thus, the regional planning committee decided to demolish them.

“But this is just a pretext,” he said, “Israeli authorities ask Arabs to get permissions or licenses for building new houses or expanding already existed houses. When the Arabs apply for licenses, they never issue any for them.”

While Israeli settlers, he said, get thousands of licenses every year.

At the time the Israeli settlers get licenses for thousands of settlement units in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli authorities rarely issue a building permission for an Arab.

Melhim stressed that the Israeli occupation has never built an residential compound of residential building for the Arabs despite the “unbelievable” population density.
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Israeli occupation authorities have started implementation of the demolition plan in Al-Muthallath, Al-Jalil and Al-Naqab. They demolished 28 homes last week in Al-Naqab.