Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Londoners protest Jewish discrimination

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, London –Hackney Council has received multiple complaints about discriminating posters placed on walls of Stamford Hill by Orthodox Jews.

The people were surprised when they saw the posters, which read: “Women should please walk along this side of the road only.” They were written in English and Yiddish.

Allie Kat, female resident, said after reading the posters: “I am still quite offended.” She wondered: “How is that?”

Isabella accused Jews of being sexists and deal with women as “inferior” creatures. She said that was the reason they placed the posters. “Because they are sexists,” she said, “and places women in an inferior position.”

After this backlash from the residents in Stamford Hill, the Hackney Council removed the posters.

Hackney Gazette reported member of Jewish group Shomrim, who support policing in the borough, said the posters had been put up by an orthodox Jewish group for a religious parade this week.

Replying on the justifications that these were posters only for Jews, Mandy Baldwin, another resident, said: “It is not appropriate for people to discriminate against a particular gender and then blame it on their religion.

Myrtle, a male resident, said after removing the posters: “Glad they were taken down.”