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Wednesday, February 8

IMF calls for Gaza blockade be eased

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Days of Palestine, Reports –Israeli blockade to Gaza Strip should be eased alongside increasing support from international community for a sustainable recovery, IMF report released Tuesday said.

The report said that the Israeli latest war harmed Gazan economy to a great extent and its future was dependent on a permanent ceasefire between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

It stated: “If the current ceasefire holds, a small but immediate economic recovery is likely, based on a quick revival of retail trade, the service sector, and small scale industry surrounding reconstruction activities.

“A sustainable recovery will depend on robust international support and coordination, as well as an easing of the blockade.”

The economy would deteriorate in case the ceasefire broke down, it warned, stressing a sustainable recovery could be achieved only through a quick and enough financial support from international organisations and an easing of the Israeli blockade.

Gazan economy has contracted 20 percent so far this year while unemployment has risen to 45 percent, the IMF said.

Gaza has been under strict Israeli siege since mid-2007. Occupation prevents almost all exports and imports, as well as movement of people out and into the enclave.

It recently waged a 51-day savage war that destroyed almost every corner in the Gazans life along the whole Strip.