Days of Palestine

Wednesday, June 7

House arrest on 6 Pal minors in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem/West Bank –An Israeli magistrate court issued Wednesday houses arrest orders against six Palestinian minors in Al-Thawri neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

Four of the Palestinian minors were immediately released after the announcement of the court ruling on bail of NIS500 ($150) for each and pledge of third party to pay NIS5,000 ($1,500). Investigations with two were extended and they are expected to be released on Thursday.

The six minors were named to Days of Palestine as: Ashraf Gheith, 14, Mohamed Younis abdul-Razeq, 14, Mohamed Khalid abdul-Razeq, 12, Mu’taz Shweeki, 13, Marwan Alwat, 14 and Mohamed Talhami, 15.

According to the Israeli police, the minors were arrested because of throwing stones at the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Attempts to arrest minors in WB

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation forces attempted to break into Taqou Male School in order to arrest students over claims of throwing stones at Israeli forces.

The headmaster of the school and the teaching staff undermined the Israeli attempt to arrest their students.
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According to the sources, the chief officer of the Israeli troops told the teachers that he had images for the students while throwing stones.

Students of this school are always being subjected for harassment by the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli settlers.