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Wednesday, February 1

Blood in Belgian airport for Palestine

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Reports –Belgian feminist group poured about 25 gallons of fake blood on floor of Liege Airport in Belgium, protesting transporting arms to Israeli occupation from there.

The incident took place in August 26 according to RT English website. It said that six women from the Liliths activist group emptied the red liquid onto the floor of the cargo airport.

The women, wearing t-shirts with the colours of the Palestinian flag, unfurled a banner which read “How many tons of weapons for so many litters of blood?”

The demonstration came in the same day that Palestinians reached a ceasefire deal that ended the 51-day Israeli savage war on the Gaza Strip.

The women were detained by police. The Liege Airport said it would file a complaint against the women.

An airport spokeswoman said that no weapons pass through the airport. “This is an unfounded rumour you hear every time there is a spike in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” she said.