Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Israeli settlers uproot Palestinian trees in WB

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Wet Bank –Tens of Israeli settlers uprooted on Thursday olive and grapes trees in Beit Amer village, in the outskirts of Al-Kalil (Hebron), south of occupied West Bank.

Witnesses said that the settlers uprooted around 100 fruitful tree of olives and grapes from a farm located near to the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit Ein.

The farm owned by the Palestinian citizen Hammad al-Sulaibi, who is 80 years old. Al-Sulaibi and all member of his extended family live on the produce of his farm.

Anti-settlement activist Mohammed Awad, who visited the farm and its owner, said that the old man was weeping on his damaged trees. “It is not the first time for the settlers to uproot trees from this farm,” said Awad.

He continued: “Al-Sulaibi always files complaints against the settlers, but the Israeli courts do nothing for him. They neither prevent settlers from making more damage, nor protect him from the settlers.”

Awad called upon the Palestinian Authority  and local and international organisation to work for the protection of Palestinians and their properties from the illegal Israeli settlers “existed everywhere” in the occupied West Bank.