Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Israeli attorney General: Netanyahu liar, Hamas truthful

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine –Former Israeli attorney General Michael Ben Yair has disclosed that the Israeli narrative that Hamas violated the 24-hour truce last week was untrue.

Ben Yair said that the Israeli occupation staged rocket fire from the Gaza Strip in order to deliberately bring down the truce with Hamas last week.

On his Facebook page, Ben Yair wrote: “The rocket fire was a false-flag in order to justify assassinating Mohamed Deif [top Hamas military commander].”

About the cheating Israeli intention regarding the ceasefire talks, Ben Yair wrote: “There is no deal. There are renewed acts of hostility.”

Then, he wandered:  “Who is guilty? The big question –Hamas, which wants a better deal, or ‘Israel’, which staged a [truce] violation in order to assassinate Mohamed Deif.”

Responding to Ben Yair’s remarks, Office of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “Hamas fired three rockets at Beersheba and thus broke, for the eleventh time, the ceasefire.”