Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

‘No progress’ in ceasefire deal in Cairo

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Cairo –Palestinian chief negotiator in Cairo Azzam al-Ahmad has said that there had been “no progress,” with less than five hours to go before a truce expires.

“The Palestinian delegation presented their demands for a lasting truce to the Egyptian mediator and was waiting Israeli response, said the official,” Al-Ahmed said.

The Israeli delegation in Cairo was recalled by the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu after Israeli military sources had claimed three rockets launched from Gaza into Israeli settlements in the south.

Israeli military forces resumed launching rockets and missiles at different places along the Gaza Strip. Five civilians, including three children, were reported by medical sources, wounded.

Palestinian delegation in Cairo is set to leave on Wednesday, but it is now waiting for the Israeli response to the final draft ceasefire deal.

Hamas denied that rockets were launched from Gaza and said that the Israeli occupation claimed the launch to make an excuse to recede previous commitment to the deal and resume war on Palestinians.

Thousands fled homes

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians fled their homes in neighbourhoods of eastern Gaza City, carrying bags of clothes, pillows and mattresses after renewed Israeli airstrikes.

Hundreds of civilians were seen streaming out of Sheja’ia, one of the areas worst affected by more than a month of being under heavy Israeli attacks, started with a horrific massacres, where more than 150 civilians massacred at their homes.

Thousands more were seen leaving the neighbourhood of Zaytoun and Sha’af, which were shaken by a series of explosions. The people, who fled their homes, headed towards shelters in UN schools.

Motasem A Dalloul contributed to this report

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