Days of Palestine

Haneyya calls for tearing up normalization deals

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Gaza

Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya on Friday called for tearing up all normalization deals signed recently with the Israeli occupation, stressing that “normalization attempts will not succeed to change the peoples’ consciousness.”

Speaking at the first international conference to confront normalization in Africa organized by the Algerian National Construction Movement, Haneyya said that “this normalization wave will not achieve a further breakthrough.”

The Palestine issue is still at the heart of the region’s conscience, he affirmed, adding, “Normalization does not serve our cause and our Jerusalem.”

Haneyya also hailed Algeria’s efforts along with other African countries in face of Israeli normalization attempts in Africa.

“We totally support Algeria as it confronts the Zionist attempts to penetrate into the African continent”, he added.
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