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ICRC: Two Palestinian detainees are in situation of grave concern

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Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) expressed on Saturday serious concern about the deteriorating health of Kayed Fasfous and Miqdad Qawasmeh, two Palestinians administratively detained and hospitalized in Israel.

“The ICRC doctor has been visiting both detainees, Kayed Nammoura (Fasfous) who has been on hunger strike for 82 days, and Miqdad Qawasmeh who has been on hunger strike for 75 days and closely monitoring their situation. We are concerned about potentially irreversible consequences of such prolonged hunger strike to their health and life,” said Robert Paterson, ICRC health delegate.

ICRC staff monitor the situation of detainees who carry out hunger strikes to ensure that they are treated with respect, have access to adequate medical care, and are allowed to maintain contact with their families, he continued.
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The ICRC also said that its staff is following up with the situation of five more detainees currently on hunger strike.