Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

No Progress Achieved in Prisoners Swap Deal between Hamas, Israeli Occupation

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas Movement denied on Sunday the Israeli occupation statements about any coming exchange prisoners deal soon. “There is no progress in the deal so far,” Hamas’s leader said.

Zaher Jabarin, Hamas leader, confirmed in a statement that the Israeli occupation has not taken any serious steps regarding the exchange prisoners deal.

Meanwhile, “Emilie Moatti, a member of the occupation “Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee”, said that new information gives her hope that the Israelis who are held captive in Gaza may soon return home,” Hebrew media reported.

Jabarin denied the statements that are issued from time to time about the prisoner deal. He stressed that these statements were released by Israel to prevent the families of the captured soldiers from moving to put pressure on the occupation government.

“There is a state of anger within the Zionist entity, due to the lack of intention to resolve the prisoners’ file, for which one of the most important officials resigned for this,” He added.