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Netanyahu Pledges to Build Massive Israeli Settlement Units in West Bank

M.S | DOP -

Israeli opposition leader and former PM of the Israeli occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, has pledged to support massive settlement units construction inside Israeli settlements in West Bank if he regains his position as prime minister after the Israeli occupation’s elections in November.

Netanyahu, along with 30 members of the Israeli Likud party and 26 other politicians from Shas, United Torah Judaism, the Religious Zionist Party, and Jewish Home, signed a declaration of intent of the “Movement for Sovereignty” of developing and building Israeli settlements and expand them.

Earlier, Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz promised his approval to build hundreds of settlement units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank if he wins the upcoming Israeli elections.

The project of expanding the Israeli settlements on the Palestinian lands is one of the most important projects of the Israeli occupation in order to tighten its grip on Palestinian territories.

The number of settlers in the West Bank is about 700,000, while their number in occupied Jerusalem reaches about 300,000, distributed in more than 550 Israeli settlements.