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Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Occupation Slowly Kills 3 Palestinian Detainees in Its Prisons

M.S | DOP -

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs stated on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, that the Israeli occupation prisons administration does not stop using medical neglect for sick Palestinian detainees, and deliberately ignoring their pains, especially those who suffer from difficult health problems and those with chronic diseases.

The commission said that the occupation prisons administration is deliberately continuing this policy, with the aim of slowly killing Palestinian prisoners, by neglecting their diseases, depriving them of medical treatment, and placing them in tragic detention conditions, leading to sudden illnesses.

The report showed the details of the health status of three medical cases of Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli “Raymond and Nafha” prisons, with very poor health conditions, one of them is the case of the prisoner Bilal Abu Ghanem (29 years), who suffers from severe pain in his back and from cartilage as a result of violent beatings by Israeli occupation forces during his arrest in 2015. In addition, he was hit by two bullets, one in the leg and the other in the chest. He urgently needs to be referred to a specialized orthopedic doctor to provide medical treatment.

As for the prisoner Issam Zain El-Din, 38, from Nablus, who is currently in the “Nafha” prison, he complains of a chronic allergy to his skin, which he has suffered from for more than ten years, causing him unbearable pain. Thus, he is in serious need of medical examinations. However, the occupation prisons administration ignores his condition, claiming that he has to live with his health condition.

The Palestinian detainee, Mansour Al-Khatib, from Qalqilya, suffers from hemorrhoids, which causes him to bleed heavily, and he needs to be transferred quickly to a specialized doctor and to undergo surgery, but the administration of the Israeli “Nafha” prison deliberately delays his transfer and treatment.

It’s noteworthy that the administration of the Israeli occupation prisons practices a policy of deliberate medical neglect against sick Palestinian detainees inside the occupation prisons with the aim of slowly killing them and torturing them psychologically and physically.