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Saturday, June 10

Moroccan Activists Demand for Closure of Israeli Liaison Office in Morocco

M.S | DOP -

Moroccan activists against normalization with the Israeli occupation called on Thursday, September 8, 2022, for the closure of the Israeli Liaison Office in Rabat, after investigation that the Israeli Foreign Ministry is conducting with its diplomatic ambassador in Morocco, David Govrin, on sexual harassment and administrative and financial corruption cases.


The “National Working Group for Palestine” in Morocco said that “there is no solution to the scandal of the Zionist Liaison Office except by closing it and prosecuting Zionist criminals and expelling them from the homeland.”


The group called to file a lawsuit before the Moroccan courts for women victims “whose dignity has been violated.”


In its statement, the group considered this crime “a dangerous development of a series of major Israeli insults to Morocco at the official and popular levels through the shameful normalization with the Israeli occupation nearly two years ago.”


While the Working For Palestine Group renewed its demands to expedite the immediate closure of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, and the closure of the Moroccan liaison office in Tel Aviv, it called for “a serious investigation ans prosecution of those who was involved in these crimes.”


In addition, the group expressed its condemnation of the clear silence by the relevant state institutions in contact with the Israeli Liaison Office, as well as the international silence towards the ongoing crimes of the Israeli occupation.


Yesterday, Tuesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the director of the Israeli Liaison Office in Morocco, David Govrin, for questioning over abuse related to “the sexual exploitation of women, the disappearance of valuable gifts and a raging conflict within the office.”