Days of Palestine

Jerusalem Ministry: Israeli Attempts to Impose Israeli curriculum in Jerusalem Will Fail


The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs issued a statement, on Saturday, August 27th, 2022, regarding the Israeli attempts to swap the Palestinian curriculum with an Israeli one.

The Israeli attempt to enforce the Israeli curriculum in Jerusalem’s schools was received with outrage and rejection in what the ministry described as a “position is a popular referendum to reject the Israeli educational curriculum.”

The ministry indicated that what happened in Jerusalem requires more than ever the provision of international protection. Al-Maqdisi is attached to his home, school, and university.

The ministry pointed out that the attempt to impose the Israeli curriculum is part of a comprehensive war waged by the Israeli occupation against the Jerusalemites, stressing that the stand taken by Palestinian students and parents alike is a clear message to the Israeli occupation in rejection of the Israeli curriculum.

The Ministry saluted the Committee of Parents of Students in Jerusalem Schools, which distributed today, the Palestinian curriculum books and stationery to students and parents at Ibrahimic College, in response to the Ideological attack launched by the Israeli occupation.

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs confirmed that it will continue to expose Israeli violations, including those of the Jerusalem education system, in all Arab, Islamic and international institutions and forums.

This comes after the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to cancel the permanent licenses of six schools in Jerusalem, and turn them into temporary licenses for a year, in an attempt to pressure them to abandon the Palestinian curriculum in teaching and replace it with the Israeli curriculum.