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Saturday, June 3

Israeli Writer: Israel Will Never Live 100 Years

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The Hebrew Maariv newspaper published Sunday, April 30, 2023, an article by the Israeli writer Shmuel Rosner, during which he predicted that Israel would not live for a hundred years, and presented evidences for his prediction.

Maariv newspaper mentioned in the article that the great Jewish writers and thinkers, from time to time raise the issue of survival and steadfastness in the region, and keep reminding the Israelis of the ancient history of the Jewish kingdoms and their collapse before reaching the age of one hundred years.

In his articleŁˆ published by the Israeli writer Shmuel Rosner, he reviewed the history of Israel, which is 75 years old today and questioned skeptically about the possibility of its steadfastness for a hundred years.

It’s worth mentioning that an opinion poll was recently conducted among Israelis, the results of which concluded that the majority of them are not optimistic about their security future, and that Israel without security will not, according to expectations, be an existing state anymore.

The Israeli writer notes that Israel state is in danger and has no future, for several reasons, including the ever-worsening security problems in Israel, the overpopulation, and the increase in the number of ultra-Orthodox people who do not work, and the continued occupation of the Palestinian lands and the problems arising from them.

In view of these reasons, a pessimistic view was born among the Israelis about the future of their state.

Maariv newspaper recalls the article published by the American newspaper The Atlantic twenty years ago, entitled, “Will Israel live to be a hundred years?”, which aroused great anger among American circles.

The Israeli writer concludes his article with the fact that the Israelis are now asking the question about the future of their state in a more acute way, and how they fear that their state will not last for long.