Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

Israeli Settlers Plant Trees on Seized Palestinian Land Near Bethlehem

M.Y | DOP -

Israeli settlers on Sunday took possession of a Palestinianowned plot of land in alKhader, which is located south of Bethlehem, and planted trees there, as reported by Ahmad Salah, an activist.

He stated that the area of land was 15 dunums in size and owned by a Palestinian living in the vicinity.

Planting trees on the land is often a prelude to taking possession of it.

Recently, Israeli settlers have been stealing Palestinian lands in the West Bank, in violation of international law. This illegal activity has been taking place for many years and is becoming increasingly worse.

The settlers are taking over land that has been legally owned by Palestinians for generations, in some cases even before the Israeli occupation was established. This has resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of land Palestinians have access to, and has caused a great deal of distress and hardship for many of them.

The new Israeli far-right government has done very little to stop these land grabs, instead choosing to provide funding and protection for the settlers. This has created an even greater sense of injustice for the Palestinian people, who are now seeing their land being taken away from them.