Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli Settlers Hold Provocative March in Old City of Hebron

Under Israeli occupation forces' protection, Israeli settlers held a provocative march roamed several neighborhoods in the Old City of Hebron
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Under the Israeli occupation forces’ protection, Israeli settlers held Wednesday, 1 march 2023 a provocative march roamed several neighborhoods in the Old City of Hebron.

Local Palestinain sources reported that Israeli settlers armed with rifles and guarded by the Israeli forces, walked through the alleys of Hebron’s old city while shouting racist slogans targeted at local Palestinian residents.

Colonial settlers concentrated on the old town of Hebron, banging drums and shouting anti-Palestinian slogans.

Earlier this week, armed settlers set dozens of Palestinian homes and cars on fire in Huwara, a town in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, in what appeared to be the worst outburst of settler violence in decades.

Local Palestinian sources reported that illegal settlers torched some 30 Palestinian-owned homes and cars during the late-night rampage, which came a day after two settlers were killed.

Tensions have escalated between Palestinians and Israeli colonial settlers amid intensified Israeli deadly military raids in occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is routine in the occuiped West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by the Israeli occupation.

The city of Hebron is home to roughly 200,000 Palestinians and about 800 notoriously aggressive Israeli settlers who live in colonial outposts in the heart of the city, heavily guarded by Israeli troops.