Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians’ Homes, Cars in Occupied Hebron

S.K | DOP -

Armed Israeli settlers attacked Saturday evening, February 18, 2023 the homes and cars of Palestinian citizens in Al-Shuhada Street, Al-Amyan Alley, and Al-Shalala Old Street in occupied Hebron, located in the south of the West Bank.

In this attack, where dozens of Israeli settlers participated, they injured a Palestinian child named Omran Hamouda Jaber with a stone in the leg, which required him to be transferred to the hospital.

Israeli settlers destroyed a number of Palestinian cars, after they climbed onto the roofs of the houses in the center of Hebron. As a result, clashes broke out with the Israeli occupation forces in Bab al-Zawiya as Israeli soldiers fired live and rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters, causing dozens to suffocate.

A number of Israeli settlers took occupation soldiers as a shelid at the military checkpoint established at the entrance to Al-Shuhada Street, and prevented Palestinian citizens from reaching their homes. Moreover, Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinians and directed racist and abusive insults at them.