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Wednesday, February 1

Israeli Occupation Continues Isolating 40 Palestinian Detainees

19 Palestinian Detainees Enter 4th Decade in Israeli Prisons
M.S | DOP -

The Israeli prison administration continues to isolate 40 Palestinian detainees in its prisons in difficult conditions, seven of whom suffer from very difficult health and psychological conditions.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club stated today, Tuesday, January 24, that the number of isolated prisoners witnessed a significant increase after 6 Palestinian detainees managed to escape from “Jilboa” prison in September 2021. It is the highest compared to ten years ago.

The Occupation Prisons Administration pursues this dangerous policy against prisoners to eliminate them physically and psychologically.

Despite the detainees’ attempts to end their isolation, the prison administration continued to isolate them in tragic conditions.

The Prisoner Club stated that the oldest of the isolated palestinian detanees is Mohammad Khalil, 39, from northwest Ramallah. The total years of his isolation exceeded more than 15 years, and he is sentenced to life imprisonment. Khalil has been detained since 2006.

The case of Ahmed Manasra, 21, is the most prominent witness to the Israeli crime of solitary confinement. Despite his psychological and health condition, the Israeli prisoners administration has isolated him since October 2021, in Ashkelon prison. He spent his childhood inside the occupation prisons, as the occupation forces have detained since he was 13 years old.

The Club confirmed that during the past year, more than 70 Palestinian detainees were subjected to solitary confinement. In 2012, the detainees managed to end isolation of 20 other detainees, after going into hunger strike for 28 days.

Previously, the Palestinian detainees also managed to end the isolation of many of other prisoners by launching hunger strikes and boycotting the Israeli prisons administrations.